Aluminium Ladders Manufacturers


RKS ENGINEERING INDUSTRIES, the leading Aluminium ladders manufacturers and suppliers in Chennai, is having advanced ladder-making equipments, testing equipments ratified by a skilled technical team and being assisted by a group of professional technicians and managers. We are specialized in manufacturing and supplying starting from Aluminium Domestic Ladders, Industrial Ladders, Specialty and custom ladders to aviation ladders, available in various sizes and specifications. With the help of our highly skilled manufacturing team and years of expertise in the industry, we offer wide range of portable and movable aluminium ladders for sale and rental services tailored to the needs of industrial, warehouse and domestic needs.

Our Wide Range of Products Include
  • Fixed ladders
  • Industrial stairs
  • Warehouse ladders
  • Specialty and custom ladders
  • ]Aviation and marine ladders
  • Residential ladders and fire escapes
  • Fall prevention equipment

We deliver products from the top-notch brands like market counting Cotter man, Sam Carbis Solutions, Little Giant, and Stokes etc. In addition to that we provide pre-engineered solutions. We are also accomplished in designing custom fall safety solutions to meet your unique requirements.

Why Choose Us

Being one of the best Aluminium ladders manufacturers, we are well-equipped in getting you all types of ladders suiting varied needs of the tasks done around the house and work sites. Whether it is telescoping ladder, twin stepladder, stairway stepladder, and as two scaffold bases, no matter whichever purpose you may be using  it to access your roof or balcony, clean your windows not to get interior and exterior painting and decorating, we have the expertise to deliver you.

  • Strength and Durability
  • Safety and Stability
  • High-quality

We are appreciated in the industry because of our reliability, sourcing of pure materials, smooth operation, rung by rung extension and anti-pinch finger protectors. The ladders can be locked securely into each position to provide safety with a simple locking mechanism, associated with stabilizer to add more rigidity and sturdy. As we are one of the well-known Aluminium ladders manufacturers, we use heavy duty rubber pads to provide resistance to wear and ensuring a solid grip on all floor surfaces. Flexibility, lightweight nature and delicately made make us stand out.