Wall Support Extension Ladder

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R.K.S Aluminium wall support Extension Ladder

R.K.S Aluminium Extension Wall Reclining Ladder Height 10′ to 36′ Aluminium made of HE 30 grade T6 temper HINDALCO make.


Main Extrusion made up of aluminium alloy ‘C’  section 66X32X3mm HE 30 T6 TEMPER Hindalco make

STEPS –Aluminium ROUND corrugated flutted pipe of 26x3mm

Provided with platform in the top of the ladder. Additional safety top Hooks & Safety Hand Rails and locking arrangements

Available heights:
Closed height: 10 feet extended height: 16 feet
Closed height: 12 feet extended height : 20 feet
Closed height: 15 feet extended height : 25 feet
Closed height: 17 feet extended height : 30 feet
Closed height: 20 feet extended height : 36feet
Closed height: 24 feet extended height : 40 feet
Closed height: 20 feet extended height : 50 feet (Triple sliding)
Closed height: 24 feet extended height : 60 feet (Triple sliding)

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