Aluminium Scaffolding Manufacturers

Aluminium Scaffolding Manufacturers

What We Are

RKS ENGINEERING INDUSTRIES is one of the best aluminium scaffolding manufacturers in Chennai. We offer a wide range of aluminium scaffolding at best market price.

With the use of our high-quality and durable access machinery is sure to reduce your workload extensively and assist you in achieving your task more rapidly and carefully. Our products are manufactured at par with international standard and following all compliances.  We will also give you the most reliable and authentic advise of choosing seamless aluminium scaffolding solution. Our collection of Aluminium Scaffolds is accessible and available at most viable charges to be recognized as one of the topmost Aluminium Scaffolding Manufacturers.

What is Scaffolding? 

Scaffolding is the type scaffolding system that can easily move from one spot to another and has been designed to be mobile and portable. The Aluminum mobile scaffold is set on castors or wheels to make it move easily and it’s generally used for plastering, changing light bulbs, painting and any other overhead work. These tasks require workers to change their position quite often and a mobile scaffolding system allows workers to perform their tasks easily.

 Types of Aluminium Scaffolding
  1. Independent Scaffolds
  2. Single Pole Scaffolds
  3. Suspended Scaffolds
  4. Cantilever Scaffolds
  5. Supported Scaffolding
  6. Mobile Scaffolding
  7. Rolling Scaffolding
  8. Modular Scaffolding System
  9. Ringlock Scaffolding System
  10. Swing Stage / Suspended Scaffolding System

As we are of the most reputed and trusted aluminium scaffolding manufacturers, all our products are safe, portable and lightweight while handling.

Aluminium Mobile Scaffold Access Tower System

  • Aerial Lifts
  • Atrium Lift
  • Boom Lift            
  • Personnel / Single Man Lift
Our Features

We at RKS ENGINEERING INDUSTRIES offer Aluminium Scaffolding riddled with safe, economically efficient, and quick-witted access solutions.

  • Safe: Quite safe to use, as a result, the risk of tripping down from the top is almost non-existent
  • Portable: Mobile and easily movable from one spot to another
  • Lightweight: Manufactured  from a resilient matter yet light weighted material aluminium

Our Aluminium scaffolding is extensively used in ordinary home renovations to technological construction chores encompassing huge engineering organizations; we offer our Aluminium Scaffolding solutions to all categories of clients.