Hydraluic Pallet Truck Dealers

Do you want to get the best hydraluic pallet truck dealers?

We RKS Ladders – the top-notch hydraulic pallet truck dealers in India offer different types of industrial and material equipment to make work convenient and easier. The pallet truck designed by our engineers is ideal for horizontal transport. Pallet truck’s jack is robust and made from steel, making easier to lift heavy loads with one hand. 

RKS Ladders offer hydraulic pallet trucks of a variety of capacities from 2.5 tons to 5 tons. Now, handling grave loads in the warehouse and industrial sector will become super fast. Different types of material handling can be done with pallet trucks, as the pump holds a big piston.

Each pallet truck consists of wheels which makes it easier for mobility. To prevent overloading, there is a pressure valve that makes it so opportune. 

Features of hydraulic pallet truck:

•    To offer high performance

•    Safe and durable

•    Ergonomic design

•    Low rolling resistance

•    Nylon wheel

•    Top-level painting quality

•    Looks elegant

•    Free from leakage

•    Can turn 210 degrees

We being reliable hydraulic pallet truck dealers meet your workplace requirements offer high-performance material handling solutions. If you are looking for long-lasting performance to meet your business requirements, then look no further than us. We are in this industry for more than 4 decades; understand customer’s requirements by offering pallet trucks that work perfectly for your business. 

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