Oil Tanker Ladders Manufacturers

Best Oil Tanker Ladders Manufacturers

RKS Ladders a global leading manufacturer in India, based in Chennai offers oil tanker ladders. These ladders are specially designed to check the fuel level in oil tanks. Most oil tank leads are at a high level that becomes difficult for someone to step up and check the fuel level. In such a scenario, oil tanker ladders make everything easy for an individual to get top on the tanker.

Oil tanker ladders manufacturers – RKS Ladders have engineered this mobile ladder platform, making things much easier for an industrial worker to check the fuel level in an oil tank. Get safe access to container trucks and accomplish different crucial activities. 

These oil tank ladders are ideal for oil refineries, water, and oil supply departments, and home remodeling companies. 

Oil Tank Ladder Features:

•    Consist of aluminium made body

•    High ground of safety

•    Affordable Price

•    The grip level is reliable

•    Superb quality rubber wheels

•    Smooth look

•    Durable

•    Easy to use

•    Straight single built ladders

•    Weight is 160kg

•    120 to 200 kg loading limitation

•    Folded and Extended platform

•    Step Ladders

•    Purely anti-corrosion

RKS Ladders has a team of professionals who are proficient in crafting the best oil tank ladder for your sector/industry. All these ladders are in huge demand by the oil refinery and water supply department. The unique design and precision make them work on every weather condition.

If you are looking for the best quality aluminium oil tank ladder, you can reach us. We will supply in single and bulk orders. All products hold 1-year warranty and doorstep delivery.