Foldable Or Household Ladder

Self Support Tubular Ladder with Tool Tray Available in 3′ to 6′ Aluminium made of HE 30 grade T6 temper HINDALCO make.


Main Extrusion made up of aluminium alloy rectangular tube of 50x20mm

Provided with tool tray

Bottom legs provided with non-skid heavy duty rubber shoes

Available Heights: 3 feet to 6 feet

RKS Engineering Industries’ ladders are designed with user convenience in mind – the compact design makes them easy to store and transport, while their lightweight construction makes them easy to handle. The unique dual-locking mechanism also ensures your ladder won’t slip during use.

All of our ladders are made from robust materials that can withstand heavy-duty use, making them ideal for both home and commercial applications. The ladder’s anti-corrosion coating protects against rusting, making it perfect for outdoor use – even in harsh conditions. The rubber-tipped feet also provide extra grip on slippery surfaces, so you can use the ladder with confidence.

Each ladder comes with a detailed safety manual and a set of safety guidelines to ensure your safety while using the ladder.