Tower Ladder With Extended Platform

RKS Model No:: 519 Category:

R.K.S Aluminium Tiltable trolley tower extension ladder with Extended platform:

Aluminium tiltable trolley tower extension ladder with projected platform 20′ to 25′ , 20′ to 50′


Main Extrusion made up of aluminum alloy ā€˜Cā€™  section 66X32X3MM HE 30 T6 TEMPER Hindalco make

Steps made up of 26mm x 3 mm thickness Non slip, extra grip round corrugated flutted Pipe steps.

ladder provided with extended platform , tool tray and   two Tie-rod for extra stability of the ladder in extended position.

“Ladder provided   with two special wrench mechanism  (single /double rope), one for tilting the ladder from 0 to 90 degree and other to extend the ladder to required height with smooth operation extend the ladder to required height and easy extension with easy smooth hand operation by means of winch and wheel mechanism. “

Bottom provided with  MS base trolley fixed with heavy solid rubber wheels along with jack rods

Closed height: 10 feet extended height: 16 feet
Closed height: 12 feet extended height : 20 feet
Closed height: 15 feet extended height : 25 feet
Closed height: 17 feet extended height : 30 feet
Closed height: 20 feet extended height : 36feet
Closed height: 24 feet extended height : 40 feet

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